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Our Process

You can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you are today. In order to develop a plan specific to your needs and to build a trusted relationship, we follow a disciplined approach.

A Complimentary Consultation

With every new client, we begin with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Before our initial meeting, we will send you our "Welcome Kit," which includes tools designed to help you identify your financial goals. The kit also includes a list of financial documents to gather for our initial consultation in order to make our time together more meaningful. During our meeting, we take the time to get to know each other and determine how we can assist you in articulating and prioritizing your financial goals and dreams.

Preliminary Plan Presentation

People often have overall, vague goals in mind but haven’t fully articulated them or prioritized those that are most important. After our initial meeting and before presenting your final financial plan, we will present a "preliminary plan" based on the information gathered during our initial consultation. From our experience, we have learned that taking this extra step is helpful in fine-tuning your goals. It offers a "window" into your current financial position in relationship to your goals and allows you to further develop your objectives and determine which ones are realistic and which ones take priority.

Final Plan Presentation

The Final Financial Plan encompasses all elements of your financial life, including cash flow, taxes, investments, retirement, college planning, family wealth transfer planning, and risk management. We avoid canned software and handcraft a personalized plan designed specifically for you. We take the necessary time to sit down with you and present your coordinated financial plan. We explain the reasoning behind our recommendations, the many components, and how it is designed to guide you toward your goals. At this point, you can choose to move forward with implementing the plan on your own, or we can continue our relationship and we will help execute and manage your plan with your active involvement.


Should you consider to continue working with us, we implement your financial plan. Serving as the quarterback of your financial team, we coordinate any work necessary - such as tax planning and estate planning - with your CPA and attorney.

Continuous Monitoring

After your financial plan is in place, we proactively manage and monitor, making adjustments as needed. We aim to meet on a semi-annual basis or more or less frequently, depending on your preferences. Beyond formal meetings, we remain in frequent communication, whether we are sending out an email, holding a client event, or just calling to check in. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we never want you to hesitate to call our office.